Dr. David MacAskill B.SC., D.C. speaks at Corporate and Community Events on Health and Wellness

Is your organization looking for new ways to promote health and wellness?

Consider inviting Dr. David MacAskill to speak at your next event.

The best way to treat many health problems is through preventative medicine. Dr. MacAskill has been a chiropractor in the Durham Region for over 26 years and a passionate advocate for educating and building a healthier community. Dr. MacAskill regularly speaks at clubs, organizations and companies on health and wellness topics. His speaking engagements are free of charge!

Dr. MacAskill offers a series of topics for his workshops. We want to work with you to find the right topic that will increase your organization’s wellness and get started on the right track!

Topics that may be of interest to your organization are:

• Half an Hour to Health

• Managing Stress

• Fit While You Sit

• Spinal Screening

• Orthotics

Included is a pamphlet detailing our topics. These 30 – 60 minute sessions are inspirational and educational and can lead to better work productivity.

Please contact us at your earliest convenience to discuss this opportunity.

Yours in Health and Wellness.

The MacAskill Chiropractic and Wellness Centre Team